The team will work directly in the development of the different lines of action.
This campaign is the continuation of the campaign launched on 2016 which aimed to make known the diversity of the country and the wines.
This market has experienced consumer-level changes, including the increased use of online channels and a greater appreciation of the experience.
More than 100 professionals from the industry and over the hundred consumers were able to participate in these tastings.
Last weekend, was the beginning of one of the main wine events in the country: The Grape Harvest Festival 2018. This event, that takes place to celebrate the harvest of the grape, gathers the traditions of our field and the culture of the Chilean wine, summoning to diverse local and foreign tourists to participate of the diverse activities organized by the p (...)
During the last week, the editor in chief of the British magazine Drinks Business – recognized as one of the most important publications of the Industry – and Master of Wine, Patrick Schmitt visited our country to give the 2018 a greater focus on the category. In the visit, the editor of Drinks Business, met with managers and winemakers of 8 wineries (...)
With the purpose of commemorating the eight years of operation and the 100,000 workers assessed to date by the national system of certification of labor competencies, the Last 30th of January an event was held, attended by the highest representatives of the Workers Central Unit,  Production and Trade Confederacy, Training and Employment service, SENCE, (...)
Last week, a new vineyard obtained the certification of the sustainability Code of the Chilean wine industry, reaching the important figure of 70 vineyards certified. This represents a new milestone and reaffirms the commitment of the wine sector to sustainability. Additionally, the code was highlighted as a successful case in the publication of ProChile (...)
With the aim of knowing the new projects and innovations of the different national wineries, the renowned British critic, writer and Mater of Wine, Peter Richards, you were visiting our country last week. On the occasion, the Master of Wine visited 12 vineyards and participated in 5 thematic tastings of different valleys such as Colchagua, Curicó and Ita (...)
The event, where numerous vineyards participated, highlighted the "We like Wine" campaign of Wines of Chile.
Wine expert John Szabo MS analized the concept of sustainability and the Chilean positioning on the worldwide wine scenario.
Chile was highlighted as the major producer of sustainable wines of the world.
Wines of Chile made a new edition of Magical Mystery Tour 2018 on Easter Island, with the presence of renown chinese personalities, where 29 vineyards participated and more than 190 wines were tasted.
To raise awareness of the new developments and aspects of innovation in the national industry, to educate about the differentiation aspects of our sector and to contribute to the development of new Ambassadors of the category, wines of Chile invited to our country five important sommeliers and buyers from the United Kingdom. These sommeliers, who were fro (...)
The Chilean Wine Directory made a luncheon of recognition to Mr. René Araneda, director of the association who leaves his post after more than 10 years, period in which he was also president of our institution Between the years 2011 and 2015. In addition, he was the forerunner of countless projects such as: • Defense of wine in tax reform • Win th (...)
With the aim of initiating a strategic alliance with two of the most prestigious restaurants of Latin America, to continue showing to the world the benefits of our wines, during last week, wines of Chile, sponsored the Ngelemen gastronomic activity, which counted with the participation of the renowned chefs Rodolfo Guzmán (Boragó, Chile) and Virgilio Mart (...)