Wines of Chile and ProChile made the official launch of the Chile’s Sparkling Wine Campaign in Tokyo. The event chaired by the Commercial Director of Wines of Chile, Angelica Valenzuela, and the Director for Asia, Julio Alonso, was assisted by the Ex-President Mr. Eduardo Frei, Ambassador of Chile Mr. Gustavo Ayares and the Pro Chile’s director, Mr. Alej (...)
Federico Mekis, legal advisor of Wines of Chile, held a series of meetings in London with the lawyer Gary Horlick and with the Wine Importers Association of the UK (WSTA), to later move to Brussels where he met with CEEV, an entity that groups European associations of wine producing countries. The objective of this series of meetings was to obtain an over (...)
Shanghai and Beijing were the host cities of the 90+ event, where 40 Chilean wineries had the opportunity to show the trade, press and specialized consumers their best wines, all awarded with a rank of 90 points or more, or gold medals in certain national and international competitions of high prestige. The event was composed of three phases: 90+ Symposiu (...)
"Chile has become a wine area by own right, producing  excellent samples, which can compete among the best in the world," were the words of the outstanding wine critic James Suckling, who on Thursday awarded three national productions in the top 5 of its annual report "100 best wines of 2017", giving even AlmaViva wine, Concha y Toro production together (...)
Wines of Chile, ProChile, Fundación Imagen de Chile and the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington celebrated the announcement of the 14th Annual Wines of Chile Awards (AWOCA) with a matching contest this week at the headquarters of RAMW. The official prize-giving program was held earlier in the day at the residence of the Ambassador of Chile (...)
A successful stay was held by Wines of Chile in Canada last week, Mario Pablo Silva, Angelica Valenzuela and Claudia Soler, where they lead activities in the cities of Toronto and Montreal. To present the 2025 Strategy and its specific downturn, they held various meetings in both cities: In Toronto in the LCBO head quarters, with its President George Sole (...)
The new 2017-2018 digital campaign of Wines of Chile for the Chinese market is already filming. It’s "Honeymoon", which will be composed of 10 videos that will represent the story of a Chinese couple who is enjoying their honeymoon in different Chilean landscapes from north to south, where each clip seeks to project different representative landmarks of (...)
A new way to learn about the best of Chilean wine through sensations, images, and sounds—all in a single place. Located in the heart of the Alonso de Córdova neighborhood, Vinolia offers its visitors a unique sensorial experience that begins with a Snensation Exploration Room with more than 48 aromas found in Chilean wines. The hour-long experience con (...)
The UK has accounted for a major share of the world’s wine imports for centuries, and wine currently accounts for more than one-third of UK alcohol consumption. Its withdrawal from the European Union (Brexit) therefore will affect not only UK wine consumers, producers, traders, distributors and retailers but also suppliers of those imports. A model of t (...)
A few weeks ago I received a copy of “Vertical” in the mail, Rex Pickett’s sequel to his famous novel, “Sideways.”  Given my love of the movie, I gobbled the book up.  I noticed it was published in 2011, but the copy I was sent said it was re-published in 2016.  Odd.  I reached out to Pickett via Twitter to inquire, and he actua (...)
  James Suckling's fifth trip to Chile in three years has produced one his best reports, yet. 84% of wines tasted scored 90 points plus. Read his intro below and click to read his full article. "There’s never been a better time to buy Chilean wine. I recently took my fifth trip to Chile in three years to score nearly 800 wines and found that a l (...)
Wines of Chile Western Canada Dish n’Dazzle – May 18, 2017   OVERVIEW Wines of Chile brings you an opportunity to present your wines to buyers, licensees, press and consumers through participation at the well-attended Dish n Dazzle Tasting in Vancouver on Thursday May 18, 2017. The festival will celebrate the pairing of Chilean wine a (...)
  New Chile Pequeños Tastings 5-city tour of site specific limited production wines Join Wines of Chile's small production tour, our criteria is to promote wines with a production lower than 3.000 cases per SKU or <25,000 9l cases per winery, showcasing a diversity of small production available in the US market. (...)
On April 11th and 12th, the best Japanese Sommelier Competition took place in Tokyo. This competition is organise by the Japan Sommelier Association (JSA) each 3 years. The Japan Sommelier Association (JSA) introduced the "J.S.A. Sommelier Scholarship" program in 2011, with the aim of cultivating a (...)
A roundtable, convened by the Wines of Chile Association, surveyed the hectares of vineyards burned by the fires throughout the country, which account for 94 hectares of Vitis vinifera out of a total of 141,000 nationwide. The loss of hectares so far has been concentrated in vineyards of small producers in areas near hills and forests, several of them with w (...)
In response to the ongoing fires in Chile over the last month, the wine industry has united to create a survey of the vineyard damage and look for long-term solutions for producers affected.